Adventureland Coupons

Adventureland is open exclusively on weekends in March, April, May, September, October and all summer long to New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Located in East Farmingdale, it opened in 1962 as “Long Island’s Amusement Park”. The park covers 12 acres of land and features 30 total rides (2 roller coasters and 3 water rides). One ticket (or bracelet in this case) will run guests $26.50 for unlimited access to all rides, all day (group discounts available). Guests also have the option of purchasing single tickets for rides. The most cost efficient option is to opt for a season pass at a low price of $129.99 (save $5 if you purchase online).

Are there any Coupons Available? Yes, they are!
They usually have coupons available at Taco Johns stores or even at your local HyVee. For August 2017 probably.

Check out their OFFICIAL Facebook account for coupon ideas + info.
Rolling. Want to stay in touch with the deals? Check their Facebook account or any other social media accounts.


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