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The Cato corporation was founded in 1946 my Mr W. H. Cato and his two sons; Edgar Thomas and Wayland Henry Cato Jnr.

The headquarters of the Cato Corporation are located in Charlotte, North Caroline. The corporation has retail outlets selling a broad range of women’s fashions and accessories across the south eastern United States. Outlets can be found in strip malls as well as large metropolitan areas. Also under the umbrella of the Cato Corporation are Cato Fashions, The Fashion Metro, Cato Plus and Versona Accessories. They all offer clothing for every occasion as well as accessories to complete any outfit.

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Doesn’t say anything about coupons, but if there is a way to get savings, this should be it. Expires 31 August 2017.

Check out their OFFICIAL Facebook account for more info.
Haven’t seen coupons, but if a brand gives coupons, Facebook should be the first way to get them. You never know when you’re lucky!

Check out their Plus-Size Clearance online.
Another good way to actually save money.


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