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The Dallas World Aquarium is located in the historic west end area of Downtown Dallas, Texas. Like many aquariums and zoos it world towards protecting endangered species and conserving their natural habitats.

The aquarium opened to the public in 1992 in what was once an old warehouse. Though an aquarium it is not all about marine life as within the rainforest environment there is an aviary where exotic birds can fly free, plus there are three toed sloths and vampire bats. There is also a 12ft viewing tunnel through which visitors can observe the inhabitants of the continental shelf swim around them.

Check out their Ticket Prices & Various Deals.
Children under 2 go there for FREE + groups get discounts + military get discounts (but you need your photo ID for verification). For August 2017.

Check out their OFFICIAL Facebook account for more stuff.
Info, pictures, maybe coupons? I can tell you that most brands put coupons/special offers on their Facebook from time to time, or at least once.


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