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Shoe Dept is a footwear retailer which falls under the corporate Umbrella of Shoe Show which is a US based footwear retailer based out of the town of Concord in North Carolina.

There are outlets right across the United States and as well as Shoe Dept the corporation also includes the brands Shoe Show, Shoebilee, Encore and Burlington Shoes. The business was founded by Robert B Tucker in 1960 and to date there are more than 1100 outlets across America. As well as outdoor shoes and leisure shoes for all of the family Shoe Dept also sells handbags and purses in their stores.

Sign up to their website to get (Locations/Deals/More).
The best way to get whatever you need is to sign up to their website. You can also see their store locations and also other things. Expires 31 August 2017.

Check out their OFFICIAL Facebook account for even more stuff.
ALL brands also give printable coupons or offer prizes via their social media account.


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